Magento 2 XML Sitemap Extension

Magento 2 XML Sitemap Extension

With XML Sitemap Extension for Magento 2 you can create different types of XML sitemaps for your site. XML sitemaps contain valuable information about the pages, images, and videos on a site, and the relationships between them. This information helps search engines optimize crawling of your site.

XML ​​sitemap can contain information about pages of entities such as products, categories, CMS pages and additional links
For each entity or for any combination of them, a separate XML sitemap can be created
Canonical urls are used in XML sitemap (we recommend Magento 2 Canonical URL Extension)
You can add pictures of products and categories to XML sitemap
Original or cached product images can be used
Product video can be added to XML sitemap
For each XML sitemap for each entity, statistics are kept on the number of URLs, images and videos
Data about "Out of Stock" Products can be excluded from XML sitemap
Pages with the Robots Meta Tag containing the NOINDEX directive are excluded from the XML sitemap (with the Magento 2 Meta Robots Extension installed)
XML ​​sitemap includes PageMap structured data (thumbnail DataObject)
XML ​​sitemaps can be generated on schedule automatically using cron
XML ​​sitemaps can be generated using CLI commands
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XML sitemap and canonical url

In the XML sitemap, you only need to specify the version of the page that should appear in the search results. Therefore, XML sitemaps created with XML Sitemap Extension for Magento 2 use canonical page urls. We recommend using in conjunction with Magento 2 Canonical URL Extension.

Pictures and videos in XML sitemap

The configuration settings allow you to add product and category images, as well as product videos to the XML sitemap. All or just a basic product picture can be added. The configuration settings also specify which product images should be used, cached or original.

Statistics for XML sitemap

For each entity in the XML sitemap, the number of URLs, images and videos is counted.

"Out of Stock" Products in XML sitemap

Configuration settings allow to exclude "Out of Stock" Products page information from XML sitemap.

Robots Meta Tag contains NOINDEX

If Magento 2 Meta Robots Extension is installed, then information about pages whose Robots Meta Tag contains the NOINDEX directive is excluded from the XML sitemap.

PageMap in XML sitemap

PageMap structured data (thumbnail DataObject) is added to XML sitemap.

Automatic generation of XML sitemaps on a schedule

The configuration settings allow you to generate scheduled XML sitemaps automatically using the cron.


XML Sitemap Extension for Magento 2 is compatible with Magento 2 Canonical URL Extension, Magento 2 Meta Robots Extension.

CLI commands for XML sitemaps

XML Sitemap Extension for Magento 2 adds CLI commands for viewing listing, deleting and generating XML sitemaps. Specify sitemap IDs when running the command to delete or generate XML sitemaps, then the command will be executed for the specified sitemaps, otherwise it will be executed for all XML sitemaps.

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